Isabella Flarez
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About Belle

Belle was born to Calypso and Nico Flarez, October 15th 1991, so shes 23. Belle (born Isabelle Kate Flarez) always had a knack for making things in her mind, but when she tried to make it real, it failed. It was kind of like her favorite movie character, Tinkerbelle, which is how she adapted the name Belle. This little Italian girl wanted so much, but she could only do so little. She ended up her in 2011 when she saw a advertisement in the newspaper that had said: If you love disney, move to the Modern Pixie Hollow! So she did. When she got here there were a bunch of people doing things just like in disney, but modernly. There were fairies, like the ones from disney movies. Then she began glowing. She was becoming a fairy. Soon she controlled her powers and she was almost always human around others, besides the fairys